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Start Loving Life EXCLUSIVE "Discovery" Session

(New Clients)

Not sure if life coaching is right for you?  In this laser-focused 60 minute session you will uncover those pesky blocks (limiting beliefs) that are holding you back from the CLARITY you desire about what is next for YOU!

Start Loving Life® 30/60/90 Day Program

(Foundation Course)

This course includes the easiest and 3 simplest steps to tap into your intuitive self and discover the hardcore confidence in YOURSELF to achieve and do anything. 

Start Loving Life "Couples" Coaching 30/60/90 Day Program

(Relationship Coaching)

Stop settling for less in your relationship and start living the life you both deserve. This course is about moving on from past struggles and implementing easy, simple strategies to start creating your NEW loving future together.

Start Loving Life® KIDS & TEENS 30/60/90 Day Program

(Teen Coaching)

The easiest, most effective system for your child to START LOVING LIFE®!  Change your child’s mindset from negative to positive and have them FINALLY discover what it feels like to be CONFIDENT, WORTHY and HAPPY!

Personalized Coaching with Connie

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Don’t Know How?

NO WORRIES! Help is here!

Connie Henriquez created Start Loving Life to inspire YOU to change your perspective, be more positive and Start Loving Life®.

Stand out from the crowd and make a difference in the world. BE HAPPY and HAVE FUN. Discover how to live life with greater purpose knowing ANYTHING is POSSIBLE once you Start Loving Life.

Connie’s coaching philosophy focuses on the power of positive psychology. Her specialty includes uncovering your positive, intuitive, hardcore optimistic self in as little as 30 days. You can work with Connie in person at either of her 2 locations (Woodbury or Medford, NY), over the phone, ZOOM or via Facetime.   

How is Connie’s coaching different?

Proven Self-Help Tools & Techniques

Talk Therapy

FAST, EASY, SIMPLE solutions




Mentally Stimulating: positive & inspiring

Mentally Exhausting: tiring & draining

A mindset that EMPOWERS YOU

Labels that limit you

"Excitement of what WINS to celebrate"

“Thoughts of what problems to discuss”

Improvement in as little as 30 days...

Improvements ???

Are you ready to Start Loving Life?

Don’t wait & call today!

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Connie Henriquez did absolute wonders for our 15-year-old daughter. She was having a horrible time at school and had zero confidence in herself. 4 visits with Connie at Start Loving Life and her whole world changed. She is a new young lady with confidence that we have never seen in her before. Anyone who reads this, who has a child that is having a rough go, call Connie at Start Loving Life ASAP. She will help your child get on a positive path in life….and will change your whole world. Thank you so much Connie!!!

Bob Blickwede | Holbrook, New York

Talent Manager | Entrepreneur

Connie made a major impact in one session. She helped me see where I was “getting in my own way,” and gave me clear direction for how to lead a happier, more productive life.

Joe DeVito

Stand Up Comedian

Connie’s method made a huge difference for our family. She is friendly, positive, and her no-nonsense approach is easy to implement. She helps you see what’s important, gives you tools to develop yourself, and encourages you to follow that path. Highly recommend!

Deb Servinskas | Dix Hills, New York

How Do I know If Connie’s Coaching is Right For Me?

Connie offers specific coaching programs that are results-oriented. If you are anything like Connie, she doesn’t like to waste time and likes results FAST. That’s why she created a proven curriculum for each program that teaches you the tools & techniques so you NEVER have to rely on anyone OR anything for your happiness, including her. Connie’s goal is to teach you how to be “happily” self-sufficient. Her programs are made using a specific end date in mind. Unlike MOST therapies, Connie’s coaching model is based on referrals by happy clients (Start Loving LIFERS) who have completed her programs. NOT by keeping her clients dependant on her or her coaching sessions. That is the opposite of her “Start Loving Life” philosophy of discovering your “true personal freedom” 🙂

Does Connie work with her clients after they complete the program?

Many of Connie’s clients choose to work with her for continued support & mentorship in her continued SUCCESS Program, but it is NOT necessary. Many clients also move-on in their NEW happy, positive lifestyle and check in from time to time with a success they’ve encountered as a result of being in the program. Connie LOVES hearing about her client’s successes even long after they have completed her program. Connie sincerely LOVES all the people she has worked with and considers them friends not just clients.

Connie's Main Office:

Phone: (516) 340-0378

Woodbury, New York
(Nassau County)

2nd Location:
Medford, New York
(Suffolk County)

Connie works with local clients in person and all over the world via FaceTime and Zoom.

What would be the 1st step in working with Connie?

Connie believes in results. That is why she does NOT recommend her program to everyone. In order to achieve results, the client must be open to improvement and learning a new way of “positive” thinking. Not everyone is ready and that’s okay. It is for that reason, all new clients schedule a “Discovery” Session first. From that session, the client becomes more familiar with Connie’s approach and whether it’s a good fit for both Connie and the client.

Can I do the "Discovery" Session without signing up for a program?

YES! Not everyone needs a program. The Discovery Session is great as Connie teaches you (in that one session) how you’ve been holding yourself back AND how to start feeling better right away! Sometimes, that is the only thing someone needs-based on where they are in life. The programs are geared towards those individuals who want to make long-lasting changes that greatly improve and influence their self-esteem, attitude, and potential in life.

How is it possible I can feel better in such a short time when I have been in therapy for years?

This isn’t therapy. Connie is not a therapist, doctor, or licensed mental health professional. Connie is someone who years ago after much research and her own personal frustrations discovered simple, easy self-help tools & techniques that helped her change her life from negative to positive FAST. It isn’t hard and it’s quite simple if you know what to do. Once Connie realized how easy it could be, she wanted to teach others so they didn’t have to struggle like she did.

Many people reach out to Connie for all different reasons; stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, negative thinking, problematic love life, work life, you name it. But what most people don’t realize, which is at the heart of all the Start Loving Life teachings, is everything you feel & attract in life is ALWAYS based on your self-image of you. EVERYTHING. People are very self-critical of themselves. Unfortunately, we are taught that growing up. Connie’s programs are created in such a way where she teaches you how to incorporate a new positive way of thinking about yourself first and foremost to replace your negative, self-critical way of thinking. It takes only 30 days to break a habit, and that’s basically the only problem most people have. Hence, why Connie’s clients see improvement in as little as 30 days, provided they follow the program of course 🙂

How do I know what program to choose?

Whether you would be a candidate for a program will be a result of your “Discovery” Session with Connie. Connie LOVES teaching people how to LOVE life but she also does not love wasting your time or your money :-). Her goal is to get you the best results possible based on her teachings and your commitment to the program. If you are not an ideal candidate, Connie may offer other outside resources other than her programs.

If you are a candidate and you’re interested in moving forward, Connie will discuss what program she feels will be the most beneficial. Typically, her signature  Start Loving Life “Hardcore-Confidence” Program is the most sought-after and popular given its core teachings of how to start “loving you” and of course how to “start loving life”, which is a LIFE-CHANGER.

Do you take insurance?

Connie does not. She is NOT a licensed mental health professional. She is a certified health & life coach that created her own lifestyle philosophy “Start Loving Life” in 2007 after her own frustrations with life.

Her teachings are not from a textbook as Connie does not believe in traditional psychology. She believes in a more holistic approach as that is what has worked for her. Her desire to take the holistic route was after her own experience trying therapy when she was younger. It was not helpful to her and instead, she left the session feeling as if her childhood (which was pretty good) was to blame for her existing problems. This was not a solution for her at all. She left the session feeling worse. She wanted to feel empowered and better, not place blame or look to her past. That’s what inspired her to start her own journey of self-discovery. She quickly learned it what not only possible to LOVE LIFE, but that anyone could do it, and your past has no bearing on your future. Since then, she’s been hooked!

Everything she teaches is based on her own personal lifestyle of being happy, positive, and loving life. She walks her talk because she knows it to be true and that’s what she believes.

Any type of coaching is an investment in yourself. But as Connie always preaches, an investment in yourself is the only investment that ever guarantees a return :-). How can anyone really argue with that?

Why YOU should
Start Loving Life®.

“Every time I talk to someone who doesn’t see their true value or their worthiness, it reminds me of the old me. On the inside, my heart breaks. I secretly wish for them to know how uniquely amazing they truly are.

Why? Because I know that is the answer.

That’s why I created Start Loving Life®. To teach people what they don’t learn in school. How to love life BUT most of all how to love themselves.”


How to Work with Connie


Call or email to schedule your “Discovery Session”

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Complete “Discovery Session” with Connie

In-person initial coaching session at one of Connie’s 2 locations:

Main Office:
Woodbury, New York
Nassau County

Secondary Office:
Medford, New York
Suffolk County

Or via Zoom or Facetime


Choose the Program that’s right for you.

At the completion of your “Discovery Session”. If you are a candidate for one of Connie’s programs, she will recommend the best program to address your needs.

The best program will be recommended based on your “Discovery” Session and the results you are looking for. Together, you and Connie will create a plan that works best for your needs and the improvements you seek.

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