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Long Island Life Coach & TV Show Host
Connie Henriquez

Connie Henriquez is a PRO at LOVING LIFE! And she loves to teach people the same!

Connie is a mental health expert with her own trademarked positive psychology coaching system “Start Loving Life”, published author and television personality.

Connie loves to laugh, smile LOTS and have fun in everything she does! And she hopes to inspire you to do the same! #itispossible #youareworthit #highfive #Vodkacheers

Connie has a private coaching practice located in Woodbury, New York where she works with local clients in-person.

Connie also has clients all over the world that she works with via FaceTime & Zoom.

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My Story

Hey there!!

My name is Connie and I am super excited that you are on my site! 

In a world of LOTS of noise I LOVE to teach people how to be happy and LOVE LIFE! 

I wasn’t always as positive and as happy as I am now. And it wasn’t until I started loving life in my mid-20’s that everything changed for me!

Most people think it’s hard or impossible based on what they may have lived in the past!

But I am here to tell you it can be EASY!!!  And ANYONE can do it!!  Did I say anyone???  That’s right! Anyone! And it’s way simpler than you think!

That’ why I cringe every time I hear someone has been in therapy for yearrrrrrs…YIKES! I say that because it really doesn’t take that long.

And in fact, you can feel improvement in as little as 30 days! That’s right just 30 days!

You see, regardless of what you have lived in the past (even if you messed up royally!) you aren’t doomed forever.

Life is actually quite simple. And yes, if you are an avid self-help reader (YAY!) you may have read books that have overcomplicated the meaning of life, your purpose, your subconscious mind, blamed your past lives (LOL), you name it!

But I am here to tell you that whatever you have lived in the past doesn’t have to matter (unless you let it)…

…you see most peeps will think I am nuts here (and that’s totally cool, because to some I am) but hear me out…

…growing up in life and in school, you were never taught to love life and most of all…love yourself (regardless of your successes or failures).

Instead, you were taught to validate yourself by what other people thought of you…good or bad (yikes!) or worse by your grades or your ability to fit in (double yikes!).

So slowly over time you created negative thoughts (self-doubt) about yourself based on the false beliefs that you created in your mind (which are NOT true). And it is these false beliefs that are responsible for holding you back from a life that is much easier, super FUN and full of LOTS of POTENTIAL for you!

So, it is my hope that YOU TOO (!!!) will start to LOVE LIFE and most of ALL…LOVE YOURSELF. Because when you do, life will become AMAZZZZZZING for you…

Once you love life, life DOES love you back.

And I can show you how 😉



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Personal Story

Connie is LOVING LIFE in the home she shares with her boyfriend Jeff Kimmel and their nutty chihuahua, Pumkin in Woodbury, New York.

When she isn’t working with clients, she can be found in her office for hours working on videos, creating content or her next crazy business ideas. 

Education & Training:

  • B.S. Business Communications & Marketing, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY
  • Health Counselor Training Program, Teachers College~ Columbia University, New York, NY
  • Certified Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York, NY
  • Certified Money & Marketing Coach Training with Kendall SummerHawk
  • Registered Practitioner of the Bach® Flower Essences, Dr. Edward Bach Foundation
  • Talent Plus, Former Leading Talent Assessment Interviewer


  • American Association of Drugless Practitioners
  • The Dr. Edward Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners for The Bach® Flower Essences
  • HR in the House Inc., Executive Coach Consultant
  • Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro Law Firm, Executive Coach Consultant
  • PinkTie.org 1000 Member
  • Long Island Angel Awards
  • The Penn Club of New York
  • LawLine
  • Shelter Rock Tennis Club

My Start Loving Life® company philosophy:

We are the creators of our realities, all the good stuff and (so-called) bad.

We take full responsibility for how we live and do not place blame on anyone or anything.

Life IS fun.

We don’t make a big deal (or complain) about ridiculousness. And to us, everything is ridiculousness besides our ability to start loving life of course.

We don’t get hung up on the problems of the world.

We leave that to the problem makers and do our best to ignore the hopeless, mind sucking media.

We love to love.

We even do our best to love those who complain about life yet have no idea why their life sucks.

We are who we are.

Our own approval in life is all we need. Personal happiness is the only thing we have to give anyone anyway

The thrill of life is about having crazy, fun life giving ideas and moving towards them.

We don’t believe in settling for boring and mundane.

We expect amazing things to happen and they do.

We appreciate all of our past (people and all) for propelling us to want more out of life.

We treat EVERYTHING as a sign from the universe.

Every problem has a solution.

It’s called Start Loving Life.

Most people will think we’re nuts.

And we’re cool with that.

We choose to Start Loving Life.

The lifestyle choice that symbolizes the personal freedom to be YOU. 



Every single person has the ability to be happy, confident, positive AND LOVEEEE LIFE!!

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