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Heyyyy there!

Your friend and life coach, Connie here ♥

Welcome to your NEW WORLD of happiness & hard-core optimism!

I created the happy, fun, positive lifestyle brand, Start Loving Life® to inspire YOU to change your perspective, be more positive and start loving life!

No more will you need to settle.

If I could do it, YOU can TOO!

Discover how easy it is to LOVEEE every aspect of your life!

You deserve the VERY BEST. I can show you how…


When you Start Loving Life®, you’ll discover how to:

✅   UP-LEVEL your confidence (far superior to anything you could ever imagine).


✅   Create “SUPER-STAR” INDEPENDENCE so you NEVER, EVER, EVER have to rely on anyone or anything for your own personal happiness. EVERRRR.

✅   All while becoming the BOSS in charge of your happy, positive energy-radiating life, where good things ALWAYS await, and ULTIMATE success always follows…

That my dear, is TRUE FCKN “FREEDOM”


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Connie Henriquez

Connie Henriquez

Long Island Life Coach & TV Show Host

Obsessed with LIFE, LOVE, the color pink, fuzzy blankets, oxford shoes, BUXOM lip gloss, her lawyer hunnnies Jeffrey Kimmel, their nutty chihuahua, Pumkin and of course…Titos® Vodka!

Connie works with local clients in-person and all over the world via ZOOM & Facetime.

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Woodbury, New York
(Nassau County)

I started seeing Connie when I was going through a horrible break up. At the time I couldn’t see how I would ever get over him and feel happy again but what I would come to learn and understand from Connie is that I was giving all my power away to this other person that didn’t even deserve my love. I remember her telling me “They have to earn it.” She taught me how to be more confident in myself and to create my own life of doing things that brought me joy. I started to tell a new story as connie taught me and everything in my life started to change for the better. Not only did I find an amazing life coach but Connie and I ended up becoming very close and I’m so grateful to call her my friend and “Bestie”! I highly recommend Connie for anyone struggling with self confidence and being happy. She knows all the tools to help you start living the life you deserve!!

Chrissy Bogue | Deer Park, New York

Real Estate Salesperson | Douglas Elliman Connie's TV Show Co-host of DateNightTV

Connie is not only my former colleague, she has a been a trusted friend and advisor for me both personally and professionally. I’ve seen her techniques work firsthand and have benefited so much from her coaching and world perspective. I have referred her to friends and family and was lucky to have her train my cosmetics/skincare sales team on life techniques they could use in the workplace. Can’t recommend her enough!

Julie Monti | Hoboken, New Jersey

Education Executive, AMORE PACIFIC

I went to see Connie at a time when my career was overwhelming and I needed a pivot, I needed joy and I needed a reset. However, salary was good, I loved my co-workers and I was super comfortable – how do you make that shift when it’s a 50/50 split? You do it with Connie in your corner. I left my job of 20 years and since then I continue to have joy and confidence in my new journey. I’m so thankful for Connie unleashing potential I didn’t know was in me.

Teresa Varela| Coram, New York


Connie has changed my life in ways I didn’t think were possible. I started seeing her in sophomore year of high school with zero confidence. With just a few meetings, she made me switch my negative mindset into a positive one and taught me to always focus on the good. I began to love my self, and life so much more. It has been the best experience working with her, she is the sunshine on my dark days and never fails to make me smile even when I’m down. She is able to get straight to the point and keep everything simple, and calm down irrational thoughts I may have. She is my biggest inspiration and helped me along each step of my pursuit of happiness. After speaking with her about my insecurities, and accomplishments I still leave her office feeling unstoppable and on top of the world. I highly recommend you to take the same route I did, and start loving life with Connie !! It’s life-changing 🙂

Isis Rodriguez | Smithtown, New York

Adelphi Student & Professional Dancer

Connie is the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my life! My dad brought me to Connie in my Sophomore year of high school, at a time when I was consistently unhappy and angry. At that point, I’d been out of school for about a year and a half and never wanted to leave the house or see my friends. I’d seen so many therapists and left every session more angry than the start. My life changed when I met Connie! Connie focuses on HAPPINESS, and every session is POSITIVE!! Connie gives you tools and techniques to learn how to love yourself! She taught me to be grateful and realize that I am an amazing person! Each session is purposeful, and teaches you to be confident and most of all POWERFUL (possibly her favorite word)!! Since seeing Connie, I’ve returned to high school, took advantage of opportunities to advance my passion in filmmaking (work with Jay Leno and for the History Channel while still in high school) and am now approaching my Sophomore year at NYU!! I cannot thank Connie enough for her guidance and passion for helping others, because I truly believe she is the reason my life is so amazing!!

Jack Schoenfeld | Commack, New York

Entrepreneur| NYU Student | Filmmaker

I started seeing Connie after some life events had me extremely down, Connie taught me the tools I needed to realize that life was what I made of it, having a positive attitude and grateful mind etc . It’s so true that what you put out to the universe comes back to you! I highly recommend Connie and hope everyone “starts loving life ” like I have, thanks so much Connie !!!! AAAAAA+++++++++

Kyle Hall | East Patchogue, New York

Business Owner | Entrepreneur

Connie propelled me and my teenage daughter to grow leaps and bounds ahead from where we were stuck. In a very short period of time she helped us to see how to come out from the struggles and stand strong in who we are, and that has made all the difference in ALL aspects of life! It shifted my relationship with my teenagers and gave me my own strength and confidence!! Having this knowledge now, I know we can never go back to the turmoil. Connie opens her heart and is so warm and comforting and real!! My teenager instantly felt at home and connected to Connie and has been given this gift that she will carry with her for the rest of her life! What we learned in 30 days will last us our entire life and it did not take years of therapy to accomplish! recommend Connie for children and adults of all ages with all my heart ❤️


Teresa Murphy | Ronkonkoma, New York

Thank you Connie for your helpful guidance throughout the 90 day program. My perspective on life has been positively impacted. Since leading a more positive outlook on life, many opportunities and resources are continuously being afforded to me. When facing any life experience, I have learned to appreciate the knowledge gained. I have grown to know that I am amazing, I am a leader, and I am strong.

Kristina K. | Woodbury, New York


No longer feel alone in the world of naysayers

If people think you’re crazy or nuts for wanting to step up your game AND your life, WELCOME to the WORLD of Start Loving Life®!

Wanting to be happier, more positive and create an EXTRAORDINARY LIFE is NOT of the NORM. Sad to say. But true. For years that affected me.

In the beginning, it was hard to be happy and positive around others. There was always someone there wanting to give me a reality check of the misery of life.

I discovered that being super positive and truly happy scares the crap out of most people. It’s for that reason, most never seek out developing themselves and creating a better life.

That’s why I created Start Loving Life®. To give you a chill, judgment free, positive, inspiring community of information and resources that cheers you towards the life that you want AND deserve.

You will no longer feel alone on this journey. And you will no longer question your sanity. Take it from me, you are NOT crazy. You are instead destined for greatness and that is why you are here.

I’ve been where you have been, and I am here to TELL YOU…


AND don’t EVER listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

I’m living proof. And you will be too!


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